If you desire change now and are the type of woman who likes to compress the timeline and get all of the information now then the Prosperous Foundations VIP Intensive Day is for you.

This day is all about meeting you right where you’re at and laser coaching in on the areas that are  most pertinent to you in terms of your finances and mindset.

We will go through the 8 steps of my signature Prosperous Foundations Programme.


We will go through the 8 steps of my signature Prosperous Foundations Programme

Clarity – this is all about you gaining real clarity and focus around what prosperity means to you. We will cover your goals, business aspirations to name but a few and form the basis of your own prosperous life.

Finances – we will dive deep into your current financial situation. We cover income and expenditure, spending behaviours, debt, your personal interactions with money and much more.

Money Beliefs and Money Mindset – the focus here is on your relationship with money and uncovering any money blocks or beliefs that are holding you back. We will challenge your current beliefs and transform the way you view and interact with money.

Money Leadership and Management – this is all about empowering you to take leadership of your money. We will plan out how best to direct the money flow in both your business and your personal life. We will tailor this to your current financial situation and your future prosperity goals.

Saving and Investing – you will learn all about the differences between saving and investing and how to do both. You will also learn about assets and liabilities and how to invest easily and simply. The focus is very much on capitalising on your moneys ability to grow and work hard for you.

Manifesting – we will explore different ways of manifesting money and the prosperous life that you desire. We will also identify and explore further income streams within this process.

Mindset – we will dive deep into your overall mindset and identify any current blocks or beliefs that may be holding you back in your business and life in general. We will explore how best for you personally to stay within a positive frame of mind, to overcome fears and to continue moving forward.

Your Unique Strategic Prosperity Formula – This is where we consolidate all your learning and breakthroughs to complete your own personal, unique to you Prosperity Formula.


An in depth welcome pack to complete prior to the day
A surprise gift from me
1 x 1hr 30 min pre intensive day skype call
VIP Intensive Day
1 x 1hr 30 min post intensive day Skype call
Email access for support
Additional resources to support your journey


• You desire all the information now
• You want to compress the timeline
• You are raring to go and implement
• You desire a day that is entirely focused on you


• You like to be drip fed information and take time to implement
• You like to have regular spaced coaching sessions
• You like to focus on one area at a time

So if you’re ready to embark upon an intensive VIP day that will change the way you think, feel and behave around money as well as set you up with those all important Prosperous Foundations that I know are so important. Schedule a Money Breakthrough Session to discuss the day further.

See you on the other side lovely x

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