Release & Disclaimer

You agree that on the purchase of any of The Prosperity Coach courses or services that you are participating in said courses or services at your own risk and that we/I shall not be liable under any circumstances for any matter arising out of your participation (other than for matters for which we are/I am not legally able to exclude or limit liability such as death or personal injury caused by our negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation).
Due to the nature of coaching, we/I do not guarantee any particular result. We/I will endeavour to ensure that all information that we/I provide is accurate and up-to-date but we/I shall not be liable for any claims arising from such information being inaccurate or not up-to-date or otherwise.

The Prosperity Coach programmes, products and services are not and should not be deemed to be in anyway shape or form a get rich quick scheme. All of the programmes, products and services provided are aimed at helping women to master their own finances and mindset.

I cannot and do not guarantee any particular results or success on your part. It is down to you the individual to make the most of what you learn and to then implement what works for you. At no time should any of the programmes, products or services provided be deemed as being independent financial advice. I am not and do not pertain to be a financial adviser and therefore if you are unsure about any investment or savings actions or plans you should seek individual financial advice. I do not offer particular and exacting financial investment advice and therefore it is fully up to you, the individual to choose what, how and where you invest.

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